About Us

Trading Experts Financial Services, TEFS Ltd, is a private investment firm. TEFS funds traders using a unique “wisdom of the crowds” model that combines both the wisdom of the crowds trading and a unique "cherry-picking" model. By implementing this unique model and selecting the best traders to assign higher level of funding, TEFS generates constant profits and high returns on the company’s capital.

What We Do
TEFS assigns company funds to all its traders and designates a distinct group of "cherry-picked" traders that receive enhanced financial resources while using their trading skills to profit from the most exciting and liquid markets in the world.
TEFS’ leadership emerges from its constant quest to improve, outperform and outpace its competitors and outrun its followers.
Principles and Culture
TEFS’ unique success is the direct result of its way of thinking. TEFS believes in hard work, long term relationships, and total transparency.