Trading Challenges

All businesses change over time, the mom and pops old small neighborhood businesses have been taken over by big chains, the food we had eaten 20 years ago is no longer "healthy", Sears is bankrupt, so is Blockbuster. Trading and day trading have gone through major changes over the years and it's no longer possible for a novice trader to enter the market and profit from it without proper professional education, a constant learning curve and feedback process and without strong backing in form of a quality execution platform and large buying power abilities. 100 shares of AAPL are worth more than $18,000 today versus $400 20 years ago, 50 shares of FB are worth $10,000. How can a starting trader afford "feeling" the market if two minimal positions are worth a staggering $28,000 of buying-power? TEFS approved traders can gain access to 6 digit buying power accounts, enjoy the industry leading TEFS support team and TEFS Trader, a professional execution platform. TEFS expects its traders to further their trading education, professionalism and dedication and backs their way to profitability with the best combo desired by professional traders, a great execution platform and large buying power abilities.

In order to make a decent US living a day trader needs to net $400 a day on average, that's $8,000 a month before taxes. Assuming only two open positions on big large caps of 500 shares each, the need for buying power is in excess of, (500X80 + 500X150), $115,000. A professional trader cannot trade small caps and expect to be successful. Therefore, availability of buying power on top of education and professionalism is crucial to making a day trader profit.